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Hoy ocurrió un desastre, el FireFox se me murió, y con el todo lo que tenía (…Marcadores, RSS, etc…), ya que para el RSS siempre había utilizado el Brief., Todo desapareció., Por lo cual me puse a buscar alguna alternativa fuera del FireFox, y entre las cuales que probé, algunos no funcionaban, otros estaban abandonados, pero fue entonces que llegué al que finalmente me convenció, el QuiteRSS.

…este programita lo conocí en este sitio…:


…y esta es la reseña que tenía…:

QuiteRSS is a relatively-new, open-source, cross-platform RSS/Atom news reader. It has been under active development since 2012. It's a clean, up-to-date implementation of an email-style feed reader.
QuiteRSS is versatile, and offers a full set of options. It uses a classic three-panel layout (feeds/folders, list of posts and browser). QuiteRSS is fast starting, and navigation is quick. Both portable and installed versions are available.
It is is hard to discover some of the QuiteRSS options. For example, it is not obvious how to show/hide the legacy "Menu" bar (|File|View|Feeds|News|...|Help| items).
Upper-left corner of the QuietRSS window.Menu bar hint: click the tiny icon at the left end of the tabs bar to see and select the "Show Menu Bar" option. Click the "File" menu item in the legacy Menu bar to see and uncheck (hide) the "Show Menu Bar" option)
QuiteRSS has a rich set of social sharing options (Email/Twitter/Facebook/.../Pocket/Etc). But is not easy to discover them. [Hint: right-click the main toolbar > chose customize > click add > scroll down to the one(s) you want. You can also set keyboard shortcuts for them via the options dialog box.]
QuiteRSS just offers a Users Forum for help, but in spite of customizing challenges, it should be easy for most neophyte users to start using it.
QuiteRSS has some nice security functions: I spotted Adblock, Click to Flash (block flash until clicked), and the option to disable Javascript.

La he estado probando y configurando, y he de decir que es fantástica.

En definitiva la mejor alternativa al Brief del FireFox., Una alternativa que utilizaré de ahora en adelante.

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